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Past Recipients​

Benefiting Monrovia High School Students!


The Congo Foundation with generous help from businesses and private donations presented 4 students with the Kevin A. Congo Memorial Scholarship. The scholarships were presented on June 5th, 2023, at Monrovia High School's Senior Recognition Night. Total of the awards presented was $6000.00


Students demonstrating a dedicated sense of community responsibility and leadership qualities are selected as scholarship recipients. Applicants have to meet a minimum 3.0 GPA, attended MHS at least two years and submit an essay. Finalists were selected by members of the Congo family. The final selections were made by members of The Congo Foundation board. The scholarship certificates were presented by Pete and Lois Congo.


*One of the awards was made in the name of William (Billy) Hale Jr. A school mate of Kevin's and family friend. Billy was loved and respected by all who knew him. The Hale and the Congo families have been friends since the boys played Jr. All American football.  Along with Kevin, Billy will truly be missed. Billy's parents, Willaim Sr and Jewel were present also attending the presentation was Billy's daughter Rose. Coincidentally, Rose Sluiter was the

recipient of this special scholarship.


          2013                              2010                                 2016                                          2015                                      2019
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  Anaya Berry         Richard Melendez    Hugo Munoz       Payton Walsh                Zoe Gathers       Eduardo Jandres      Lesley Joj-Escun       Vanessa MIlls 
     2020                   2020                2020               2020                     2021                 2021                   2021                 2021                     


     Madison Barr           Gerard Paredes        Luca Ammon         Elliot Speranta     Carlos Martinez    Andy Smithwick     Kendra Christain      Hibah Ali

        2022                     2022                  2022                2022                 2022               2022                    2022               2022

     Katlyn Beller                     Gabriel N Fierro                 *Rose Sluiter                          Emerald Su
2023                            2023                          2023                            2023


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The Congo Foundation has provided $72,400.00 in scholarships over the last 16 scholastic years to the following Monrovia High School students:



• Shanknika Ainsworth, Humboldt State University $2000.00 

• Francisco Luna, University of Southern California $2000.00




• Kenneth Woerner, University of California at Los Angeles, $1500.00

• Jose A Ortiz, University of California at Los Angeles, $2500.00




• Paul Enriquez, California State University at Fullerton, $1500.00

• Liliana Escobar, University of California at San Diego, $1500.00




• Kimberly A. White, University of La Verne, La Verne California,


• Alejandra Haro, University of Rochester, Rochester NY, $2000.00




• Crystal Gaeta, University of California Los Angeles, $2500.00

• Bryan Martinez, University of California, Davis, $4000.00




• Brian Farr, University of the Pacific, Stockton California, $1500.00

• Mason Bryant, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, $1500.00




• Kevin Lee, Stanford University Palo Alto, California, $2000.00

• Destiny S. Cambero, Citrus College, Azusa, California, $2000.00




• Paulina Baray, University of California San Diego, $500.00

• Bailey Bryant, Seattle University, Seattle Washington, $1500.00

• Kyleen Mai, Citrus Community College, Azusa California, $500.00

• Austin Newton, University of California Los Angeles, $1500.00




• Rojelio Axel Lopez, University of California Los Angeles, $1000.00

• Stephanie Petteplace, California State University L.A., $2000.00




• Karl Frias-Bach, University of California San Diego, $2000.00

• Sara E. Lopez, California State University Los Angeles, $2000.00




• Megan Lauder, California State University Long Beach, $1000.00

• Antonio Rivera, Humboldt State University, Arcata, California, $1500.00


  • Jessica Mejia, Cal Poly Pomona. $1000.00

  • Jayne Nahui, University of California Irvine. $1000.00

  • Jessica Orozco, University of California Riverside. $2000.00

  • Melissa Torres, University of California Riverside. $1000.00


  • Anaya Berry, San Francisco State University. $1000.00

  • Richard Melendez, University of California Santa Cruz. $1000.00

  • Hugo Munoz. Pasadena City College. $2000.00

  • Payton Walsh, University of California Santa Cruz. $1000.00


  • Zoe Gathers, Baylor University. $800.00

  • Edurado Jandres, Cal State Northridge. $1100.00

  • Lesly Joj-Escun, Cal State Long Breach. $1750.00

  • Vanessa Mills, University of California Irvine. $1750.00
    The following 6 seniors were presented with a $100.00
    Recognition award: Anne De La Rosa, Arnaza Garduno-Santana,
    Brooke Gould, Chase Klauschie, Emmy Kopecky and
    Hailey Sarmiento


  • Hibah Ali, University California San Diego. $500.00

  • Luca Ammon, University of California Los Angeles. $500.00

  • Madison Barr, University of La Verne. $2,500.00

  • Kendra Christain, University of California Los Angeles. $500.00

  • Carlos Martinez, University California San Diego. $2,500.00

  • Gerard Paredes, University California San Diego. $500.00

  • Andrew Smithwick, Georgia Tech $500.00

  • Elliot Speranta, University of California Long Beach. $500.00


  • Katlyn Beller, University of California, Davis Campus. $1500.00

  • Gabriel N Fierro, Citrus College, Glendora, California. $1500.00

  • *Rose Sluiter, University of California, San Diego. $2000.00

  • Emerald Su, California Polytechnic State University Pomona.$1000.00

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